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‍‍‍Wes & Lori Stewart are licensed realtors® with Royal LePage Locations West in Penticton. They have been active agents in the South Okanagan real estate market for over 10 years. Wes and Lori are passionate about their community and those who are looking to become a part of it.

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Completely captivating, unmistakably original.

Comprised of unique single family homes, Sendero Canyon combines country charm and modern conveniences. Striking green spaces and modern exteriors welcome you home, while bright and spacious interiors instantly lift your mood.
Come see why Sendero Canyon is the complete package!

Living at Sendero Canyon means you are never far from anything.

Year-round, a five-minute drive leads you to the fantastic restaurants and shops in Downtown Penticton. In the summer it's just a quick 10 minutes to your choice of golf courses or a relaxing day at the many beaches dotting the area. Within 20 minutes in any direction and you will find yourself immersed in Canada’s best wine region. And once the weather cools off, Apex Mountain Ski Resort is a beautifully scenic 60 minute drive west.

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available listings

phase three

2101 lawrence avenue

1087 holden road

5 bedrooms | 3‍‍‍ bathro‍‍‍oms

$915,000 ‍‍‍| MLS®174033

finished sqft: 3,180‍‍‍

3 bedrooms+den | 3 bathrooms

$730‍‍‍,000 | MLS®170412

finished sqft: 2,639

Lot 20

Lot H

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A perfect okanagan location

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on occasion, final floor plans may vary from floor plans provided.


Available Listings

A Perfect Location

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Sendero Canyon Home Features

Just because you live in one of the world's best outdoor playgrounds doesn't mean you won't want to enjoy the comforts of home.

Every Sendero Canyon home is built with the highest quality construction with strict attention to detail every step of the way. Below is a small selection of standard features, for the full list please download the Sendero Canyon Guide.




2/5/10 Year New Home Warranty by Travelers Warranty Canada

125 amp electrical panel

Three interior colour schemes

S‍‍‍moke detectors, carbon monoxide detector and roughed-in security system wiring included

Irrigation and landscaping package

Gas BBQ hook-up on deck or patios

Energy Star windows with screens

Class A Architectural roof shingles

2x6 @ 24" centre exterior wall framing

Stamped concrete driveway & front walk

$4,000 appliance package

Engineered floor joist system

Central Vac rough-in

Designer selected flooring throughout

Kohler fixtures and accessories

9' main floor ceiling height, 8' elsewhere

Click Here to download your copy of the Sendero Canyon Guide

Click Here to download your copy of the Sendero Canyon Guide

105 Sendero crescent

Lot 22   |   MLS®‍‍‍171318

109 Sendero crescent

Lot 24   |   MLS®‍‍‍1‍‍‍72504


‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍1108 holden road‍‍‍

3 bedrooms+den | 3 bathrooms

$740,000 | MLS®170736

finished sqft: 2,716

Lot P

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Lot 13   |   MLS®‍‍‍172077

120 Sendero cr‍‍‍escent

Lot 16   |   MLS®‍‍‍174035

114 Sendero cr‍‍‍escent

Lot 14   |   MLS®‍‍‍1‍‍‍71767

118 Sendero crescent

Lot 12‍‍   |   MLS®171770

122 Sendero crescent

currently under construction

Lot 11‍‍   |   MLS®‍‍‍172‍‍‍078

124 Sendero crescent

Lot 10‍‍   |   MLS®‍‍‍171771

126‍‍‍ Sendero crescent

Lot 9   |   MLS®‍‍‍171917

128 Sendero crescent

Lot 8   |   MLS®‍‍‍171772

130 Sendero crescent

Lot 6   |   MLS®171773

134 Sendero crescent

Lot 5   |   MLS®‍‍‍171915

136 Sendero crescent

Lot 4‍‍   |   MLS®‍‍‍171775

138 Sendero crescent

Lot 3‍‍   |   MLS®‍‍‍171911

140 Sendero ‍‍‍crescent

Lot 1   |   MLS®‍‍‍171910

144 Sendero crescent

Lot 38   |   MLS®‍‍‍174062

145 Sendero crescent

Lot 52   |   MLS®171769

182 Sendero crescent

Lot 65‍‍   |   MLS®‍‍‍173121

156 Sendero crescent

phase one & two almost sold out‍‍‍



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1058 Syer road

Lot 118

4‍‍‍ bedrooms | 3‍‍‍ bathrooms

$700,000 | MLS®174031‍‍‍

finished sqft: 2,387

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Lot 70   |   MLS®‍‍‍174438

146 Sendero crescent

Lot 64  |   MLS®‍‍‍174440

158 Sendero crescent

Lot 40   |   MLS®‍‍‍174442

159 Sendero crescent


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Lot 32   |   MLS®‍‍‍175072

125 Sendero crescent

Lot 34   |   MLS®‍‍‍175071

129 Sendero crescent

Lot 36   |   MLS®‍‍‍175073

133 Sendero crescent


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